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Although the color painting on the inner wall of the ceramic tableware is bright, the color glaze contains heavy metal elements such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Among them, cadmium and lead easily cause liver or other internal organs poisoning, and mercury can cause liver and kidney sclerosis. The more the glaze of the ceramic, the brighter the color, the more compounds such as lead and cadmium.
Health advice: choose ceramic tableware and don’t pay too much attention to the pattern, especially do not use painted dishes on the inner wall. Newly bought tableware can be soaked in vinegar for 2~3 hours to dissolve harmful substances in the glaze. In addition, colored porcelain should never be heated in a microwave oven.
Underglaze colored porcelain is the safest, with more blue and green patterns and less red and yellow
Underglaze color is to apply the pigment first, then glaze, and then directly fired at high temperature, because no low melting point substances are needed, so there is no need to add lead to the pigment, and the pigment is not easy to precipitate, the safest; the glaze is first glazed 3. Recoat the pigment, and then fire it at high temperature. It does not contain lead. The pigment is difficult to separate out and is relatively safe.
The underglaze color has a smooth feel like other places, and the gloss is very good, while the midglaze color is between the two. Although the gloss is better, the feel is not smooth.

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Under Glazed

Dinnerware Type





Ware of the Late-Ming and Early-Qing Dynasties

Target User

The Post-90

Tableware Craft

Overglazed Color Figure



Diameter of Bowl Rim

4.5 Inch

The Number



Nordic Style

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